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Houston parole attorney Greg Tsioros serves clients throughout the state of Texas. As a former prosecutor for the Southern Texas Federal District Court, Tsioros understands the law from every angle, and is well-prepared to fight for his clients' rights.

Parole review hearings is an area of law Tsioros specializes in. Although many inmates go to their parole hearing without attorney expertise, this is rarely beneficial. Sadly, inmates are oftentimes pre-judged based upon their criminal conviction, even when the crime occurred 10, 15, 20, or 25 years ago, or longer, and in situations of innocence. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard and judged upon the person they have become. Many times, a second shot at living a fulfilling life is warranted for inmates in the TDCJ. Greg Tsioros fights tooth and nail to help free his clients from prison, giving that opportunity at a second chance.

Houston Parole Lawyer: Helping Inmates with Parole Reviews

Parole is a privilege; not a right, but many Texas inmates are never truly given the opportunity to have their voice heard and prove themselves worthy of a second chance at freedom. When a criminal lawyer experienced in parole reviews steps to the plate, the odds of making parole are improved, and inmates sleep soundly at night, knowing they gave their all at that second-chance they deserve.

Greg Tsioros understands the nervousness and anticipation of a parole hearing, and works diligently to minimize fears while convincing the Parole Board of an inmates worth.

Why Choose Greg Tsioros?

Although Greg Tsioros handles many different misdemeanor and felony crimes, parole hearing review counsel is a specialization of interest. Tsioros understands that bad things sometimes happen to good people, and believes those things shouldn't define that individual for the rest of their life. Tsioros is an attorney that works closely with his clients, getting to know them on a personal level. Tsioros takes the time to understand the crime, and the person before him today. He sees his clients as people with a story to tell and a life to live, even when something went wrong along the way. The Law Office of Greg Tsioros fights tooth and nail to help clients regain freedom and a second chance at life.

Parole hearing fears and a lack of knowledge may cause an inmate to endure added stress and frustration before the review date, but the Law Office of Greg Tsioros is there to ease worries and woes. The expertise and guidance of a skilled Houston criminal attorney like Greg Tsioros can help guide individuals through the complex and frustrating legal process and improve the odds of receiving early release.

Contact the law office of Greg Tsioros to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to learn in greater detail how beneficial an attorney is to a parole review hearing. Phone and in-person consultations are available. Scheduling a consultation is the first step to finally breaking free from the walls that have caused setback for so long or defending yourself from a parole violation.

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As a former prosecutor and an established attorney, Greg Tsioros has experience and a record of accomplishment! He can anticipate moves the Parole Board will make, and will make sure you have the best chance possible at returning to your normal life. The sooner you talk to someone the better, so call today!

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Meet Attorney Greg Tsioros

Attorney Greg Tsioros

Admitted to Practice

  • State Bar of Texas (2005)
  • United States District Court, Southern District of Texas (2008)

Professional Associations

  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association


  • South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas, J.D. (2005)
  • University of Texas at Austin, B.S.

Criminal Justice Experience

  • Former prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in both felony and misdemeanor courts.
  • Felony Courts: 174th and 351st District Courts
  • Misdemeanor Courts: County Criminal Courts at Law No. 3, 7, 12
  • Family Courts: Protective Order Hearings


  • Always prepared. Aggressive. Knows the law and the prosecutor!

    Gardner Eastland

  • A true advocate for his client and spends a lot of time preparing for them. Aggressive, but diplomatic…definite qualities you get from this attorney.

    Richard Tran


    Amir Ansari