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Parole Violation & Revocation Defense

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Parole Violation & Revocation Defense

Parole Violation Defense in Texas

Making parole in Texas isn’t easy and it can be confusing if you don’t have an attorney to help. Only one-third of eligible inmates are granted parole and approximately 10,000 parole hearing applications are received annually. Strong legal representation will provide your best chance for an early release. If you’re one of the lucky few who made it out of the Texas Department of Corrections, the real struggle starts when you’re on the streets trying to resume normalcy. There are many temptations that could cause you to violate your parole.


Going back to prison is the last thing that you want to have happen, but it may very well be a consequence you face if you violate your parole. Sometimes, something minuscule is blown out of proportion and causes a parole violation. You certainly do not want to go back to prison for something so minor.

Parole Violations Send You Back to Prison

If you’re granted parole, the Texas Parole Board requires you to follow specific rules outlined in a parolee release plan. Conditions of parole may include completion of a sex offender or drug rehabilitation class, and almost always require meetings with a parole officer, among other stipulations.

Failure to adhere to any of these guidelines may send you back to prison. Additionally, if you are charged with another crime while out on parole, a blue warrant may be issued, and you’ll be sent back to prison to finish a partial amount of your sentence, or the remaining time.

Types of Parole Violations

An Administration Violation, or a technical violation, occurs when one of the conditions of parole is violated. Something as small as moving from one home to the next without notifying the Parole Board can cause a technical parole violation. If you’ve never made a technical violation in the past, you will likely be given a second opportunity, but this isn’t always the case.

A parole violation shouldn’t be taken lightly. A return to prison to finish a sentence of even a few years is more than you want, especially when the parole violation is a simple misunderstanding or mishap. An attorney can represent you and help make sure that these factors are pointed out, reducing the odds of a parole violation occurring.

If you commit another crime or are accused of committing a crime, while on parole, it is a very serious matter that is likely going to result in return to prison. Now, a speeding ticket is probably not serious enough to cause such a catastrophe, but most misdemeanors and felonies are enough to cause turmoil that you simply want to avoid.

If you are charged with a crime while out on parole, a blue warrant is issued and your parole is revoked. Your Parole Officer has authority to determine what happens at this point. Their decision to file a parole violation is usually based upon the nature and severity of the crime, and whether you are convicted for that crime.

Parole Attorney Helps Revocation Cases

It isn’t easy to comply with the long list of rules that accompany a parole release from prison, no matter how dedicated to staying out of the system you are. Misunderstandings can and will happen, and sometimes things get out of hand. Don’t pay for this mistake by going behind bars again. A Houston parole attorney will fight for you and your freedom, ensuring the truth of the matter is heard before a decision by a judge.

If you’re facing a possible parole violation, enact your Constitutional rights, and don’t go back to prison without a fight. Violations aren’t always intentional; sometimes they occur by accident or due to mishap. Does this mean you should waste away in prison for many years? Not at all.

A Houston parole attorney like Greg Tsioros will ensure that your voice is heard in the matter. Remember, never sign any acknowledgment that you’ve violated parole, even if a blue warrant is issued and you are arrested. Get in touch with an attorney, and fight for your life and your freedom.

With an attorney, you can make a difference in your future and freedom and possibly dismiss the parole revocation. An attorney can work with your parole officer, giving details of the alleged violation. The attorney can also appear in court on your behalf, ensuring that your voice is heard when it matters the most.

Stay Out of Prison

Prison is not the place you want to be! If you’re out on parole and facing a possible parole revocation, do not take the matter lightly. Contact the Law Office of Greg Tsioros today to get the legal expertise and dedication that you need for the fight of your life.

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