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Hiring a Houston Parole Attorney

A parole attorney specializes in helping inmates obtain parole as soon as possible. If you or a loved one is incarcerated or sentenced to prison, you need someone who understands Texas parole laws, probation system, and court procedures. 

With the assistance of a parole attorney, you have a better chance of being released on parole as soon as your sentence allows. Serving the rest of your time out from behind bars is much better than sitting in a cell day after day.

The Benefits of Hiring a Parole Attorney

A parole attorney can help the defendant focus on the appropriate activities and behaviors while inside prison. The attorney can guide the defendant to classes, service programs, and other activities that can count towards good time credit, shortening time served.

Your parole attorney does not have to be the same one who represented you in court during your trial or sentencing hearing. The parole lawyer you choose will ensure the parole packet is as thorough as possible, providing the Parole Board with as many reasons to grant parole as possible. They ensure the documentation is complete and submitted on time and offer presentation skills the defendant may not have. 

A good parole application can cut your time served by half. 

Parole attorneys help the board see you as a human, a person, not just a number. They convince the board you have earned the right to be granted parole and that you won’t pose any harm to the community if you are released. They show you have friends and relatives to support you on your road to completing your sentence and staying straight. 

They can also show you have a well-thought-out plan for living crime-free after you leave the prison walls. 

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Parole Attorney

Hiring a parole attorney is a serious investment, and it’s crucial you hire the best one you can find. When you are searching for an attorney, get the answers to as many of the following questions as you can.

  1. How long have you been doing parole work? Experience is the best teacher, and someone who has been through the process knows all the pitfalls.
  2. Do you only do parole work or take other types of cases? The answer can help you see how well-rounded the attorney is or determine if they will devote the appropriate amount of time to your case.
  3. How do you analyze a case? You get a sense of how the attorney considers the various factors in a parole case.
  4. What do you do to learn about the offender’s background and case? You want the attorney to get to really know the potential parolee, their life, and how they came to be in prison.
  5. Do you prepare a written parole packet for the offender? Most people are not the best at presenting themselves in person or in writing. A parole attorney can use the appropriate language and understands the questions the Parole Board may have.
  6. Will you make any promises or guarantees regarding the outcome of the case? If the attorney answers yes, you should leave. Guarantees and promises are unethical, and you don’t want to contract that attorney’s services.

A reliable and experienced parole attorney will have this information on their website or will be happy to provide it to you if asked. If you are up for parole soon, your entire future is on the line, so you want to be selective about who you choose to represent you. For more information on our services and parole, visit our FAQ page.

Case Results

Experienced parole attorneys will have helped inmates with a variety of cases and charges be granted parole. Look for an attorney that has previously represented inmates with charges similar to yours.

The Law Office of Greg Tsioros has represented inmates serving time for all types of crimes, from possession of a controlled substance and manslaughter to child endangerment and evading arrest. See our case results here.

Affordable Legal Assistance

When your future is on the line, you deserve to have affordable legal counsel without breaking the bank.

Greg Tsioros is committed to providing affordable parole services to Texas inmates who require an experienced parole attorney. Following a free, confidential consultation, we charge according to the complexities of the case. We will work with you to create a plan that fits your budget. Greg Tsioros works diligently to give you the best chance at freedom.