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Parole Services

The Law Office of Greg Tsioros

Many inmates spend too long in prison. An experienced Texas parole attorney can help you re-enter your life sooner rather than later.

Are You Eligible for Parole in Texas?

Many, but not all, inmates are eligible for parole—but not all inmates are granted parole. That important decision is made by the members and commissioners of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

You need a parole attorney who will:

  • Prompt members of the parole board to review your file
  • Identify extenuating circumstances in your case
  • Highlight your good behavior and note positive future plans
  • Fight for your freedom if you violate the conditions of your parole

An experienced, knowledgeable parole attorney will provide clients with the best opportunities of earning the privilege of parole.

Parole Review and Application

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles makes the complex decisions to approve or deny parole. The Board is not required to provide a detailed explanation of its decision, and the inmate may not be up for parole again for up to five years.

Hiring an attorney to represent you at the Parole Board hearing, assist you in preparing for a parole hearing, and help you and your supporters put together a parole packet will improve your chance of parole immeasurably.

You need to begin your parole review preparation about one year before your eligibility date, especially if you have a previous parole denial or probation failure. Even better, you should start your preparations from the moment you enter prison. Retain an experienced parole lawyer like Greg Tsioros who can build the best possible case for your early release.

Parole Representation

Before an inmate is released from incarceration and placed on parole, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles conducts a parole hearing to consider whether the inmate is ready for release from prison and community supervision. Inmates cannot meet personally with the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Retaining a parole attorney to represent you is your best course of action.

It’s critical for the attorney representing you to understand your background and build a relationship with you, so you want to hire one as soon as possible. An experienced attorney like Greg Tsioros can help your family and friends write the appropriate support letters for your parole packet, guide you through the thicket of requirements for parole, and show the Board your humanity to improve your odds of parole.

Correctly completing all paperwork is essential to gaining parole, and errors can create lengthy delays. Your attorney ensures everything is in order before your case goes before the Board.

Parole Violation and Revocation Defense

A parole violation and revocation can put you back behind bars, the last place you want to be. You need legal expertise and dedication on your side to keep you out of prison. 

It can be challenging to comply with all parole requirements. A simple mishap or miscommunication can snowball into a parole revocation. Hire a lawyer like Greg Tsioros who will fight for you and your freedom and ensure that the truth is presented to the Board. 

Don’t sign any acknowledgment of a parole violation, even if you have been arrested on suspicion of committing another crime while on parole that results in a blue warrant. Call your attorney first. A lawyer works with your parole officer, provides details of the alleged violations, and appears in court on your behalf to make sure your voice is heard when it matters the most.

What Benefits Does a Houston Parole Attorney Provide?

Inmates who hire a qualified and experienced Houston parole attorney are likely to make parole than those who go it alone.

To find the right parole attorney for you, ask parole lawyers in Texas about:

  • Legal knowledge and experience. Your Houston parole attorney is knowledgeable about local parole laws. He’s in the best position to qualify the strength of your case—and move it forward.
  • Familiarity with the Texas parole system. He must understand each parole board member’s voting record and must know how to present your case to the board to maximize the chances of success.
  • Knowledge and local connections. After preparing the required paperwork with attention to detail, he will arrange for the necessary authorities, such as investigators, psychologists, or medical experts, to support your legal case.
Why Choose the Law Office of Greg Tsioros?

Parole is a privilege. When considering parole lawyers in Texas, look for an attorney with deep knowledge of the Texas parole process. Find an attorney who will provide aggressive, zealous representation of your case before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

The parole process is often frustrating and confusing. You and your loved ones may feel anxious and uncertain about what steps to take to better your chances of parole.

With an experienced, knowledgeable parole attorney at your side, your questions will be answered and your concerns will be addressed.

The Law Office of Greg Tsioros represents inmates throughout Texas. We will present your case before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles with the knowledge and insight you need to prepare and present your comprehensive plan of parole in every board office. We will vigorously present your case, addressing static and dynamic factors that members must consider—along with other critical factors to provide our clients with the best opportunities of earning the privilege of parole.

Greg Tsioros supports your desire to reunite with loved ones and rejoin society. Contact the Law Office of Greg Tsioros today to schedule your initial case evaluation.

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