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Parole Representation

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Parole Representation

Parole Representation Throughout Texas

Most inmates in Texas prisons are eligible for parole after serving mandatory minimum terms of their original sentence. Parole is the special early release of an inmate. A parole board determines if the inmate receives parole from prison, as well as any stipulations surrounding that release, if granted. As long as the rules of their probation are not violated, the inmate can remain out of prison. Sometimes inmates are required to complete drug rehabilitation, sex offender courses, or other special programs as a part of the parole release process.


Many people will have questions about how parole works in Texas. For instance, only inmates in prison for 20 years or longer are eligible to see the parole board in typical parole hearings. Inmates that have went up for parole in the past are at a greater disadvantage of being denied parole, since they’ve been denied release already. An attorney offers a breath of fresh air during the parole review, helping sway the parole board in the favor of the inmate.

The Law Office of Greg Tsioros doesn’t focus on the past. We understand that bad things happen to good people, sometimes so unfortunate they lead to prison. We concentrate on the future, and the wonderful person the inmate become since that horrific day that is you likely regret more than anything in life. Time gives us the chance to grow as individuals, and our mistakes provide learning opportunities. We understand that our clients have grown and matured during their time in prison, and have great potential in life, if only given that second chance. Our past shouldn’t haunt us forever, especially when you’re not that person any more.

Parole Hearings Require Attorney Expertise

Building a close repertoire with clients is an essential step in a successful parole review. Greg Tsioros prepares a parole packet after getting to know the inmate, the charges, and the family, highlighting the contributions made to society and accomplishments made while behind bars.

When a lawyer and a client come together so closely, it is much easier for the attorney to represent you since he has a better understanding of who you are as a person, and the circumstances that have landed you in the situation. Tsioros shows the court the many wonderful contributions you’ve made to society; to your family and friends; and the community. Tsioros brings to light the person being charged with the crime, helping your odds of winning each step of the way.

Since parole boards are oftentimes favorable towards keeping inmates in prison, an attorney provides a fresh prospective and enhanced opportunity for freedom and release. Parole attorneys take the necessary time to interview witnesses and family members, and sometimes even the victim or their family members associated with the crime.

An attorney gets to know his client on a personal level, helping reveal the person behind the D.O.C. number and the crime to the parole board. Although the parole board in Texas reviews more than 10,000 cases each year, many of these cases do not get the personal attention they deserve. With an attorney helping prepare for the parole hearing, everyone eligible for parole gets the hearing they deserve.

Completing paperwork is also a process involved with a parole hearing. This completion of this paperwork is vital, and errors can cause lengthy delays and other hassles. Inmates cannot easily complete this paperwork sitting inside of a 9 x 5 cell, and the family members of the inmate may lack the legal expertise needed to present a winning argument to the board. Parole is a privilege, not a right, and it is imperative to convince the board that the inmate deserves this second chance. The paperwork is key to the proof needed. Attorney’s handle the paperwork associated with a parole hearing, ensuring that it is properly completed and submitted on time.

How an Attorney Helps You

A Houston parole attorney experienced in parole hearings offers advantages to each Texas inmate with an upcoming parole review. Those advantages include:

  • Provide guidance concerning the best actions to take to improve odds of parole.
  • Help the inmate determine the right information and documents to provide to the Board. This is important, because too little information won’t provide the necessary information, and too much will only overwhelm the board.
  • Help educate family members, friends, co-workers, etc. on the proper way to write support letters to the Parole Board. These letters increase the chances of inmate parole.
  • Aid the inmate in writing a letter to the Board that increases the odds of making parole.
  • Ensures accurate completion and submission of paperwork on a timely basis.
  • Conduct interviews and present evidence that may help the inmate receive parole.
  • Prepares a Parole Packet.
  • Appear before the Parole Board to argue the case in favor of prison release/parole eligibility.

Sitting behind bars isn’t the way that you want to spend the next years of your life, especially after you’ve already wasted so many in prison. Why not improve your odds of making parole and hire a Houston parole attorney to give the necessary guidance for success?

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