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The Law Office of Greg Tsioros

Always prepared. Aggressive. Knows the law and the prosecutor!

A true advocate for his client and spends a lot of time preparing for them. Aggressive, but diplomatic…definite qualities you get from this attorney.

Richard Tran


Great lawyer!!

Hector J. Lopez

Greg is a lawyer who works hard to get the right results for his clients!

Top-notch defense lawyer. Highly respected in the legal community.

Aaron Harper

I have had the privilege to work with Greg before and I have seen him fight for his clients in the courtroom. He is a dedicated lawyer and advocate for his clients’ interests. He cares about his cases and works hard to achieve good results for his clients. I endorse this lawyer.

Greg is a skilled defense attorney, who is well respected in the legal community for both his dedication to his clients and his tenacity in trial.

Roy Gilligan

Greg is a very responsible attorney with high ethics and unique skills. Because he was a prosecutor in Harris County for some years, he has the ability to understand both sides of criminal law. I endorse this lawyer.

As a fellow lawyer, I have seen Greg Tsioros in court several times. He is always prepared and fights hard for his clients.

James Alston

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