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Benefits of Hiring a Houston Parole Attorney

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Benefits of Hiring a Houston Parole Attorney

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Parole is something most prisoners strive for when they have been convicted of a crime. In general, offenders do not want to serve out the length of their sentences behind bars. They want to go home to be with their loved ones.

However, requesting and abiding by the terms of parole can be a challenge for you. You can meet the criteria by hiring a skilled Texas parole attorney to represent you today.

Probation Versus Parole in Texas

As you prepare for parole in Texas, it can be helpful for you to understand how it differs from probation. Probation is generally given to offenders who are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony. It can be granted after or in place of serving time in a county jail.

Alternatively, parole is granted to people who are convicted of felonies. Offenders typically have to serve a set number of months or years in state or federal prison. If they are granted parole, they are allowed to serve out the remainder of their sentences in the community.

While both probation and parole require offenders to abide by stringent criteria, parole many times has stricter behavioral standards that must be obeyed if parolees want to stay out of jail. Navigating the parole system and satisfying the terms of it can be something you may not understand or that you need assistance with. You can get the advice and guidance you need to stay out of jail while you serve the remainder of your sentence by hiring a parole lawyer to represent you.

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Terms of Parole

During the time you are on parole, you will be expected to abide by a strict code of ethics. This code will determine everything from how you live your everyday life to the people with whom you associate.

It can be a challenge to remember everything you are expected to do when you are on parole. Your parole lawyer can remind you and ensure you follow the requirements mandated by the Texas Parole Board.

Some of the rules you will be expected to follow while you are on parole include:

  • Meet with and report to your parole officer on a regular basis.
  • Remain within a defined area determined by the parole board or your parole officer.
  • Get permission from your parole officer before changing your job or residence.
  • Get and maintain steady employment.

Other requirements of people on parole in Texas include:

  • Take part in socially acceptable and non-violent activities.
  • Complete monthly written reports as necessary.
  • Report to your parole officer within 24 hours after you have been arrested.
  • Avoid using drugs and alcohol.

You also will be required to obey all state and local laws as well as other written provisions. You also cannot refuse to have your residence, car, or person searched by your parole officer. If you are a convicted sex offender, you also must register under your local police registry and avoid living with anyone who is under the age of 18.

If your parole officer or law enforcement find that you are in violation of any of these rules, you could have your parole revoked. Depending on the severity of the breach of conduct, you also could be placed under arrest, put back in prison, and forced to serve out the remainder of your sentence behind bars.

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Reasons to Hire a Parole Attorney

Hiring a Houston parole attorney to represent you before or after you are granted parole is not mandatory. In fact, you have the right to represent yourself or entrust your friends and family members to complete and file the paperwork and argue your case during your parole hearing. However, when you want to increase your chances of actually being granted parole, you may find it best to retain a lawyer well before the date of your hearing.

You should note that your lawyer does not have to be the same one who represented you in court during your trial or sentencing hearing. You have the discretion of retaining an entirely different parole lawyer if you choose. Hiring a lawyer who specifically specializes in representing people applying for and out on parole can benefit you especially considering that parole in Texas is a privilege and not a right.

A skilled Texas parole attorney will humanize you during the hearing and help the board see you as a person rather than a number in the prison system. The members of the board need to be convinced that you have earned the right to be granted parole and that you will not pose a hazard to the community if you are released into it.

Your lawyer will help convince them by pointing out that you have friends and relatives waiting for you on the outside who will help you maintain good behavior. Your attorney will likewise emphasize your accomplishments that you have achieved behind bars such as completing a high school diploma, earning college credits, or counseling fellow inmates.

You and your lawyer can also demonstrate to the board how you have a well-thought out plan for living your life after you get out of prison. These plans can include going back to college, getting a job, and being an active part of a church or religious community. You also can tell the board about your plans for where you will live and how you will support yourself after you are released on parole.

However, it is important that your case for parole begins well before the date of your hearing. A lawyer whom you hire before then may help you receive counseling in jail for issues like anger control or drug or alcohol dependency. Your lawyer may also convince you to enroll in some type of educational or formal training program to show you are gaining skills needed to be a useful part of society.

Parole allows you to serve out the remainder of your prison sentence on the outside instead of from behind bars. Before you are released back into the community, you must convince the parole board of your trustworthiness and reliability. You might better your chances of being granted parole in Texas by hiring a skilled parole attorney to represent you throughout your application and hearing for parole.

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