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Re-appealing for Parole by Special Review

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Re-appealing for Parole by Special Review

If your loved one was denied parole because of missing materials or incorrect information in their hearing, they may be eligible for Special Review.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has recently updated their policy on Special Review, a revisionary hearing in which someone who was denied parole or mandatory supervision release may present their case for parole again with new materials. The Board’s statement says:

If the panel based their decision upon erroneous information or an administrative file processing error the case file may be returned to the original panel to reconsider their vote.

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Erroneous information errors occur when it is found that the parole panel may have relied on incorrect information to make their decision.

Administrative file processing errors occur when critical information about a case is received prior to the parole panel’s vote but fails to be submitted to the panel for review.

Information not previously available to the panel can also be invoked to request a Special Review. This information is explicitly defined by the Board to only mean:

1. Responses from trial officials or victims;

2. A change in an offender’s sentence and judgment; or

3. An allegation that the parole panel has committed an error of law or board rule.

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Administrative file processing errors, erroneous information errors, and allegations that the parole panel has committed an error of law or board rule are not exhaustively defined in the Board’s Statement. Your unshakable thought that your loved one may have been wrongly denied parole may very well be rooted in one of these errors.

Houston parole attorney Greg Tsioros understands the parole review process from every angle. He has made the difference for many of his clients between being sent back to prison and claiming their rightful freedom to parole. You don’t want your loved one to lose any time in making their lives right, especially not because of administrative errors or flagrant lies.

If you suspect you have grounds for fighting for a Special Review, contact Greg Tsioros for a free consultation immediately; he will seize any opportunity for Special Review. Call The Law Office of Greg Tsioros at (832) 752-5972 to discuss your case.

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