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What Does a Parole Attorney Do?

Parole Law Blog by The Law Office of Greg Tsioros

What Does a Parole Attorney Do?

When you are serving time in prison, you may look forward to being paroled as quickly as possible. However, you also realize that you must convince the parole board to grant you this type of early release.

Rather than represent yourself during the process, you may wonder if it would be better to entrust it to a lawyer. You can make this decision competently by realizing what tasks that an experienced parole attorney can handle for you once you put him or her on retainer.

Representation During the Parole Hearing Process

The foremost task that a knowledgeable parole attorney can take care of for you involves representing you during the entirety of the parole process. From the time that you are notified of your eligibility until the time that the parole renders its decision, your parole attorney can protect and advocate for your best legal interests and make sure that your constitutional rights are fully recognized and safeguarded.

With the help of this type of lawyer, you may succeed in being granted parole or mandatory supervision and serving out the rest of your sentence in the community. You can hand off your legal argument to the board to someone who is experienced in and knowledgeable of the state’s parole laws and can use them to your benefit during the process.

To fully appreciate everything that a parole attorney can provide to you, you can learn more about how he or she can handle the finer points of your case. By knowing how your lawyer will work for and represent you, you can appreciate the reasons to have an assertive parole attorney on retainer well before your hearing takes place.

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Tailored Representation

Your case for parole can differ significantly from those of other felons in Texas. The reasons for why you should be granted this privilege can be entirely unique from people who are also eligible for parole in the state.

With that, you need your arguments to be tailored to your case that goes before the parole board. An experienced parole attorney can customize the arguments for why you should be granted it to the details of your specific situation. He or she will not use a one-size-fits-all defense when presenting your case to the parole board.

Further, a competent parole lawyer will create a customized parole packet just for you that will satisfy any concerns or questions that the board might have regarding your situation. This required packet of documentation and information will be tailored so it does overwhelm you or the board members that will decide the question of your parole. 

This tailored representation in the parole process can be key for securing your early release from behind bars and back into society. It can show exactly why you should be granted parole and what sets you apart and makes you a good candidate for this privilege. It ensures that the board takes your case seriously, takes note of unique circumstances in it and ultimately decides in your favor. 

Thorough Research 

An effective parole attorney and his or her staff will also thoroughly research your case and make sure that they understand fully what led to your imprisonment and why you should be granted parole. This in-depth research plays a key role in the tailored legal arguments that your attorney makes before the board on your behalf.

Some of the information that your parole attorney will research while representing you during the hearing process include:

  • The initial charges against you
  • Your prior criminal history
  • Your personal history, including any history of abuse, drug use, drinking and neglect
  • Your family and support system outside of prison
  • Whether or not you took a plea deal or were convicted by a jury or judge

Your parole attorney will review the police report that was taken and used to help convict you of the crime for which you are serving time in prison. He or she can scrutinize this report for any inaccuracies or omissions that could have contributed to you being found guilty.

All of this research will be used to your benefit during the parole hearing. Your lawyer can utilize it to show why you should be granted parole and allowed to serve out the remainder of your sentence in the community rather than behind bars.

Lead Voter Meeting

Finally, your parole lawyer may request a meeting with the lead voter on the state’s parole board. Such meetings are routinely granted as courtesies for attorneys representing clients during the parole process. This meeting can be critical in helping to make your case during your hearing.

In this meeting, your parole attorney may learn of any concerns that board members have about your case. Your lawyer can determine how to customize your parole packet to allay these concerns and convince members to vote in your favor.

 It can also be utilized as a foundation for presenting you as a sympathetic client and expressing your remorse for your crime and changed behavior. The lead voter can relay such details that your lawyer shares to other board members. When you appear before them, they may already be familiar with some details of your case and may be more apt to voting in your favor.

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Reasons to Hire a Parole Attorney

Given all of the legal tasks that a parole attorney can take care of for you, you may realize why it is important to have one on retainer as quickly as possible. In fact, it may even be advisable for you to hire one, if possible, one to two years prior to your parole hearing actually taking place.

Texas does not require that you have a lawyer represent you during your parole hearing. However, when you want to use the state’s laws for parole to your advantage, it can benefit you to hire a lawyer who is well-versed in and capable of using them effectively for your case. 

Further, your parole attorney is allowed to bring in people into the hearing to testify on your behalf. He or she can show that you have a solid support system at home and people who are capable of helping you become a contributing member of society. These witnesses can convince the board to grant you parole and allow you to serve the remainder of your time out from behind bars.

An effective and knowledgeable parole lawyer like Greg Tsioros can be a valuable resource to have at your disposal when you are eligible for parole. He can argue that you have changed your behaviors and that you fully appreciate that parole is a privilege and not a right in Texas. 

Your parole attorney can take over numerous critical tasks on your behalf. Greg Tsioros will research your case thoroughly, build a customized packet that addresses the board’s concerns about your parole chances and can argue effectively for why you should be granted this privilege and allowed to finish your sentence in the community rather than in prison. Contact our office today to request a consultation. 

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